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The Donau Chemie Group is highly diversified and comprises four business units. The portfolio ranges from production and distribution of basic chemicals, manufacture of application-specific compounds, the production and distribution of activated carbons, lease and sale of filters, engineering and construction of air & gas cleaning plants up to facilities for the development and production of consumer goods in the field of cosmetics, household and technology.

  • Donau Chemie - Production of inorganic chemicals
    Donau Chemie - Production of inorganic chemicals

    In our plants with facilities that guarantee the highest level of environmental protection we produce inorganic products like sulphuric acid, electrolysis products (sodium hydroxide solution, chlorine, hydrocloric acid, sodium hypochloride)and calcium carbide.

  • Donau Chemie - Water Technology
    Donau Chemie - Water Technology

    We offer products and innovative specialist solutions complemented by a range of services for sewage treatment, purification of drinking water, dealing with sewer odour, treatment for public swimming pools and paper production processes.

  • Donau Carbon - Activated Carbon
    Donau Carbon - Activated Carbon

    We can supply you with active carbon in the quality of your choice.

  • Donauchem - Chemical distribution
    Donauchem - Chemical distribution

    As an important distributor of chemicals we support our customers with a wide range of products an customer-specific mixtures.

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