Research & Development

Keeping our eyes and ears open to our customers’ future needs and committed staff are our R&D team’s recipe for success.

Rapid, efficient solutions

Our range of services includes far more than simply the production and distribution of chemicals and customer-specific products. Our experts offer our customers a comprehensive consultancy service on using and dealing with chemicals safely, economically and in a way that protects the environment. The first stage in the development process is to formulate the terms of reference together with the customer in order to subsequently to be able to implement them rapidly in the development team. Thanks to our understanding of the application of the entire range of our chemicals, problems can be resolved with expertise and efficiency.

Future-Oriented Development

Our development team’s task is to recognise new opportunities for profitable growth and to implement these for DONAU CHEMIE. Global trends and constantly evolving industrial requirements generate opportunities for new products and markets. Our development groups therefore consist not only of chemists working in laboratories but also of engineers from the production plants and specialists from our sales teams.
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