The Donau Chemie Group

The Donau Chemie Group with about 1100 employees in eleven countries has been a family business for many years and has established itself as a competent partner in the chemical industry for brand owners as well as retailers.

More than twelve years ago Donau Chemie Group became a family-owned business, returning to the form it originally had 170 years ago. This corporate form has brought a number of advantages. The clear and efficient ownership structure allows us to think in the long term, while ensuring flexible and rapid decision-making processes. It also offers us the opportunity to overcome setbacks with a socially responsible attitude. In addition, we ensure a solid financial structure.

It is our expectation that we don’t just supply chemical products - we provide comprehensive customer-specific solutions. Thus we use the synergies within our group to provide our customers the key market advantages.

Our own central research and development department has an extensive know-how and developed in cooperation with our customers innovative high quality products for the benefit of the people and the environment. We are committed to use environmentally friendly raw materials and develop environmentally sensitive products.
Our endeavour for quality does not just refer to productivity, but encompasses the quality of our actions in all areas. From the respectful treatment of our employees with each other, the safety and environmental protection to the information culture throughout the company.

The joint success is our priority. Qualified and motivated employees are key success factors. Thus Donau Chemie takes great importance in the development of the potential of its employees. We promote principles of effectiveness in order to help them to their objectives and by doing so ensure that as a company we can realise our long term goals.

Safety, environment and quality are the three pillars of our company. We meet these requirements by placing responsible actions as the ultimate goal of our business. We don’t just meet legal requirements; we go a step further and strive throughout the entire value chain to maximize environmental protection. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and Responsible Care.

Donau Chemie Group consists of four business units.

  • BU Donau Chemie- The production and distribution of inorganic chemicals for various industrial applications as well as the development, manufacture and distribution of solutions for water treatment.
  • BU Donauchem - The distribution of chemical raw materials and products in the areas of commodities, specialties, Mixing & Blending in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • BU Donau Carbon - The production and sale of charcoal, sale and rental of activated carbon filters, reactivation and plant engineering.