Code of Conduct

Donau Chemie as an international company complies with applicable laws, promotes sustainable development and recognises and respects social and ethical standards. Our corporate culture encourages change and adheres to permanent values. In order to continuously act according to our corporate culture which is based on trust, reliability, transparency and fairness, we have drafted this Code of Conduct. It is intended as an orientation guide and an aid in your daily work.
This Code of Conduct which applies worldwide is binding on all our employees. It applies internally in daytoday business as well as externally, during contacts with the general public and institutions of all kind. The Code of Contact follows the cultural and legal frameworks of all the countries where Donau Chemie operates. It applies even if local laws and practices do not match its standards. If local laws and practices exceed our requirements we shall adhere to these and adjust our Code of Conduct accordingly.

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Our Code of Conduct is valid worldwide and also regulates the trustfull cooperation with our suppliers. The following checklist allows for an easy check, if our rules are also approved by our suppliers and is a compulsory premise for the placing of orders.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

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