Derived from our business culture, our vision and code of conduct, we offer senior management tools which help you to cope professionally with day to day management.

Management tools

  • Appraisal interview 
    Appraisal interviews are regarded as one of the most important tools for personnel development which serves both personnel management and staff development. In the annual appraisal interview, it is not only the passed year that is reflected upon, but future priorities and development stages as well as actions to be carried out will be planned. The appraisal interview offers the opportunity to give feedback and to communicate clear expectations for the future. Furthermore, the management receives valuable feedback on their own leadership and can find out what the staff want and envision. 

  • MbO – Management by Objectives
    This method allows both the management and staff to have the opportunity to discuss the company’s strategic goals and be able to make personal contributions. MbO discussions serve as a way of receiving feedback about the work results achieved and also to jointly develop or agree individual goals with the help of a structured formula. By working with objectives employees should be assured of consistently realising goals. 
  • Leadership - "Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results" (Steven R. Covey)
    Our leaders strongly influence the success of our company because they ensure that the talents of our staff are let free and that the team effort is directed in the best possible way towards the company’s aims. We support the further development of our management and develop or provide the impetus for the development of new ways of thinking, skills or tools.
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